Completed projects (contracts):

  • –°omputing block – Add-on to VisSim for research of wave flow of viscid liquid in long pipeline.
  • Page Replacement Strategies – Program that simulates a virtual memory manager for the purposes of comparing different page replacement strategies. Realization of the algorithms: LRU, LFU, improved LFU. Testing of each algorithms on several sets of data.¬† Constructing of tests that distinguish between the algorithms. Constructing of simple table showing the results.
  • Multi-objective optimization program system (Moops) – Building of the dialogue system, which allows to research and optimize the managerial systems and designs, for which is designed mathematical models, which include the collection of the quality criterions, functional and parametric restrictions.


  • Media Archiver ( – Russian translation, Packager for Windows version (Qt4/C++/InnoSetup).